Part Worn Tyres

We have a massive selection of part worn tyres in stock now at low low prices.

No appointment is necessary. Our fully trained and friendly staff can fit your tyres for you while you wait.

We have the latest tyre fitting equipment allowing us to fit tyres onto wheels up to 24 inches in diameter.

All wheels and tyres are fitted and balanced correctly and great care is taken not to cause any damage to the face of your alloy wheel.

We can even balanced closed centre wheels found on some French manufactured vehicles (surcharge applies).

Plus we actually care about your car.  All wheel nuts and bolts are checked and tightened by hand using a torque wrench. This ensures your wheel nuts are safe and tightened to the correct limit.

Beware of tyre shops that do your wheel nuts up as tight as they possibly can with an air gun.  It could cause damage the thread on the wheel bolts or studs and if you ever have a puncture and need to fit your spare wheel you probably won’t be able to undo them with the tools supplied with your car leaving you stranded.


Most commonly referred to as “Tracking” We are fully equipped with laser wheel alignment technology allowing us to accurately check and adjust your vehicles wheel alignment.  This can improve the handling of the vehicle and avoid premature wear or damage to your tyres.